Fast or Fried






Looks like chef decided to cook a chicken soup for a dinner. A little chicken does completely disagree with this decision so it needs your help to escape from an angry chef.
Pay attention to avoid traps and knives, collect coins and buy powerups to increase your chances for freedom.Features:
– 30 uniqe level parts to construct an infinite level;
– 8 powerups;
– adapted for PC (keyboard, mouse) and mobile control (touch)
– settings for graphic quality for best perfomance on all devices
(3 radio buttons with options: 1-for phones, 2-for tablets, 3-for PC);
– individual switchers to mute music and sounds;
– sound FX (Web Audio, tested on: iOS, Android, PC, Mac);
– music (HTML 5 audio) (Unique instrumental track);
– canvas size 480*320 with CSS scaling for fullsize screen;