Release HTML5 game ‘Ship the Sheep’

Great news, guys!

We’ve finally released ‘Ship the Sheep’ game! Control an UFO to steal cute little sheep from Wild West farms and deliver them
to your space platform. Collect stars, but pay attention to avoid obstacles.

– 30 levels;
– sharp and 100% unique graphics;
– quick start tutorials;
– little words, more symbols, for minimal localization;
– cyclic change day and night;
– input: keyboard+mouse, touch, gamepad;
– dynamic orientation of the screen …. on the fly You can change orientation device ))))
– playable on desktop`s and mobiles

perfomance test (iPhone 4S – 60fps, iPad – 60fps, Lenovo a3000 – 60 fps, Samsung galaxy II – 50 fps, desktop – 60+fps)