Release HTML5 game ‘Ship the Sheep’

Great news, guys!

We’ve finally released ‘Ship the Sheep’ game!┬áControl an UFO to steal cute little sheep from Wild West farms and deliver them
to your space platform. Collect stars, but pay attention to avoid obstacles.

– 30 levels;
– sharp and 100% unique graphics;
– quick start tutorials;
– little words, more symbols, for minimal localization;
– cyclic change day and night;
– input: keyboard+mouse, touch, gamepad;
– dynamic orientation of the screen …. on the fly You can change orientation device ))))
– playable on desktop`s and mobiles

perfomance test (iPhone 4S – 60fps, iPad – 60fps, Lenovo a3000 – 60 fps, Samsung galaxy II – 50 fps, desktop – 60+fps)