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Panda does really miss his girlfriend, but his rocket ran out of fuel so he’s not able to get to her. Collect fruits to fill the rocket so Panda could fly to reunite with his beloved girlfriend.

X-Mas fever

X-Mas fever

Help Santa to collect toys for good kids and all the merry melody notes for carols. Get the sincerest wishes after finishing all levels.

Ship the sheep

Ship the sheep

Control an UFO to steal cute little sheep from Wild West farm and deliver them to your space platform.

Fast or fried

Fast or fried

Save the chicken from being cooked for a dinner. Run away from annoying chef as fast as you can and pay attention to avoid traps and knives!

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Art:Bit is talented and willing game studio situated in the east of Europe. We are focused on high-quality HTML5 game development. The team consists of gamers that's why we are so passionate in the processes of development. Our main goal is to make our product entertaining and convenient. But we also believe that our games should be available for all players, so that everyone could join small virtual worlds. That is why our games are playable on any device. Art:Bit studio always works at improving quality of its product. We use the latest solutions in order to achieve a better result.

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    52% of gamers are men

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HTML 5 Games

Art:Bit game studio creates dynamic, next-generation interactive desktop and portable games. Our goal is to bring the players high-quality product that is why we use the best technologies. The interest of players to our games motivates us to develop more and more games for their pleasure and fun. One of the main advantages of this technology is that they do not require installation. Today online HTML5 games represent the real world of exciting entertainment, allowing you to play them virtually anywhere. In addition, the qualitative characteristics of HTML5 games are improving, that causes the increasing of the interest to online life stile and new technologies.

Branded games

Some of the most advanced companies have been already using HTML5 games to make positive representation of their brand. These games are a good way to celebrate opening of the firm, to conduct an advertising campaign or simply to congratulate staff on the rise.There are two ways to get your own branded game: to develop new or modify an existing one. Game development is a creative and responsible process. The main advantage of game studios is a good understanding of the task and streamlined business couse.Art:Bit studio is the premier developer of brand integrated HTML5 games. If you’re interested in hearing more, then please get in touch.


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